Choose what pricing plan works best for you

Full management with earnings based on either a monthly guaranteed income or a performance-based commission structure, whatever makes most sense for you.

Performance-based income

Commission structure based on the earning potential of your property.

  • Higher earning potential – the more your property earns, the more you take home.
  • You can enjoy your own property – use our Owner Portal to book your home for personal use around guest stays.
  • Everybody benefits when your home performs to its utmost capability.

100% Guaranteed income

You’ll take home a guaranteed amount every month.

  • You’ll receive the same income month after month, which means peace of mind.
  • Guaranteed rental income regardless of occupancy for each month.
  • You can be completely hands off and it’ll operate in the background of your life.

Sit back and relax while we do the work

Our commission fee is for coordinating is a percentage of your net revenue from Airbnb, VRBO, Marriott, etc. (your income less their small platform fees). Property care, maintenance work and supplies are at an additional charge.

What we include

  • Listing management, price optimisation and online client care
  • Key management (if your deadbolt can accommodate it, we’ll install a free smart lock!)
  • Emergency guest contact by phone (24/7)
  • Coordination cleaning and contracting out of property care/repairs (additional expense).
  • Preparatory cleaning of your unit to bring it to a 5 star standard will be provided at your expense, with turnovers between reservations being charged directly to the guest.
  • Liaising with customer service as required
  • Restocking essentials (+ cost of goods)
  • Purchasing replacement items as necessary (ie: sheets)

How does it work?

We manage your listing listing under our account and payment from guests comes directly to us. We remove our percentage, any fees from contractors, and the cost of any add-on services (such as Netflix or security camera fees), then cut you a cheque monthly or send your payout via PayPal.

You’ll receive a detailed statement of income and expenses by email or through the Owner Portal at your leisure.

Other Services

Interior Design

Whether to advise on minor changes that will make your house a home, overhauling entire rooms or taking an empty house and preparing a full design scheme, we’ve got you covered. Our service can also be totally turnkey as we’ll order, ship and set up the furnishings.

Design for short-term rentals is different from your standard interior design, and we’ve got the extra experience and knowledge gained from attending industry conferences and design-specific workshops. Our design team will also ensure your home will pass Marriott International’s discerning standard to enable us to list your property on their Homes & Villas site.

Want your listing to stand out from the rest? Want to ensure your decor scheme utilises the psychological tricks that’ll get your place booked faster, and for a higher nightly rate? We’ve got this.

From $150

Pro Photography

No sweat on this one! We’ve got you covered as professional photos are on us. Our team will prep the home using industry-wide staging techniques to attract the most guests to your listing.

The number one selling point on booking sites is great photos with amazing staging.

Security Cameras & Keypad Locks

We’ll install 1-2 exterior security cameras and electronic keypad locks at our expense, with a small monthly fee for 24/7 monitoring and recording.

We advise guests prior to reserving that the home is monitored by security cameras, and this ensures we fill your calendar with respectful groups.